Thursday, March 24, 2016

When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

My husband left for Vegas today, so I'm playing! The house is a mess--the bar is covered,

and the dining table is covered. Luckily, I won't have to pick all this up until the hubby is on his way home!

I worked on some of my dark 365 Challenge blocks today. I finished the remaining 3 1/2" blocks for February and am part of the way through the March blocks. These little blocks take a bit of time to complete. These are the ones I got done today.

In addition to the 365 Challenge, I'm also participating in a Quilt-Along hosted by Alida (over at Since I last posted, I finished my backgammon board using reverse appliqué. Alida is using a new technique on each of the game boards in her Play With Me Quilt-Along Skill Builder. Check it out here. I think the granddaughters will like the color scheme for this one.

I also finished my Nine Men's Morris game board using paper piecing.

I have had some "down" time due to me being sick, my brother-in-law having an accident, my dad being sick, and a trip to see the grandchildren in Arkansas. I spent almost a week with my sister (a six hour drive) during my brother-in-law's hospitalization, a week and a half being sick after I got back home, and several days making trips to the hospital and my dad's during his illness. The one plus to all this is that I had some time to work on my extreme embroidery during the 10 1/2 hour drive to Arkansas. I'll show you my progress in a day or two.


Lisa Greenbow said...

For being puny you have sure got a lot accomplished.
I hope your BIL and Dad are well. No wonder you got sick. Worry and stress can do that to you.
Enjoy spring...especially your time alone.

Kathleen Loomis said...

glad you're well now and back in business!!

but I must say if you think your table and bar are "covered" you have a different definition than I do. Look, you can see all kinds of original surface in between those sparsely scattered things! "Covered" is when there are five or more layers between the surface and daylight.

have fun on your "vacation" week

Robbie said...

Sorry for all the upset in the family...awful but at least you were there for some support!

Dana Kroeger said...

Wondered where and what was going on as you have been quiet on here. Sorry you've had to deal with so many issues but glad to see some of what is keeping you busy. Hope you get a lot done while Nate is away.