Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Quilting Update and a Lecture and Class


I have been working on the block I showed you in this post. To date, I have spent almost 19 hours hand quilting. Take a look at the progress I've made. The first picture is a repeat (just to remind you of the size of these tiny little squares)!

I'm REALLY enjoying this work.

Today, I'm heading to a lecture by Nick DeFord. He is the Program Director for Arrowmont. According to the description of the lecture, it will encompass how he incorporates textile processes in his art making that primarily focus on the linear qualities of thread using it as a drawing medium. He often works with found and familiar objects as he transforms them into otherworldly objects that evoke a sense of displaced history.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a three-hour workshop he is offering. The workshop will explore the use of the stitched line as means of expression and will encourage students to challenge use of materials in their own practice. Students will respond to a variety of objects as they explore how to incorporate needle and thread as a primary tool for expression.

Can I just say, "I'M EXCITED!" My husband and I are heading down to Louisville and are spending the night at the Central Park Bed & Breakfast. It is located close to the University of Louisville campus, which is where the lecture and classes will be. We always enjoy trying out new places to stay.

I'll report back when I get a chance.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Wow, a lot of little stitches along those little squares.
Your lecture and class sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy.

Dana Kroeger said...

That is beautiful! You are really making headway on it too! Enjoy the lecture and workshop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have made a lot of progress while I wasn't looking! I hope you loved your class and weekend in Louisville. I was there last May and it was just lovely.