Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Retreat--Day 2

I am in day 2 of this quilting retreat. You really find out some interesting things at a retreat. One of the quilters shared this YouTube video. You have heard the line, "you can quilt that out," well this video address that in a REALLY funny way. Check it out here. I've also learned how to make a very simple very nice cover for my scissors. I'm going to test it out on a new pair of tiny scissors I just got. I'll share as soon as I get time.

I had been told that the food at this quilting retreat was REALLY good, but I had NO idea how good (or how much). They serve a fabulous breakfast followed by snacks in the afternoon and desserts later in the evening. Here is a little sample.

After we eat, there IS some work that gets done.

I know those of you that do piecing are already impressed with how beautiful this block is. You'll be even MORE impressed when I tell you the block measures only 12" finished.

I sure wouldn't mind getting this quilt for Valentine's Day.

This little paper-pieced quilt is a stunner.

Have you noticed you haven't seen anything of mine in these pics? Well, it is because I didn't even bring a sewing machine with me. I'm doing handwork on some "extreme embroidery" pins, my "forever" hexagon quilt, my larger "extreme embroidery" piece, and another project. It is SLOW going. I haven't made enough progress to make for any interesting pictures. Of course, visiting, eating, and checking out everyone's projects does take some time. (Insert smiley face here!)



Lisa Greenbow said...

These works seem extreme to me, all of those little pieces. The big star (second picture) looks like a big bowl of candy. Hmmm Maybe that was the intro pictures guiding my thoughts. Can't wait to see some of your extreme embroidery.

Dana Kroeger said...

It looks like this is a retreat for very experienced artists to me. I can't wait to see more projects. And, the food does look wonderful.