Friday, April 3, 2015

Say Ahhhhhhhh...

In January I spoke to the Lake County Quilters Guild in Florida. The members were SO welcoming and friendly; I had such a good time. While I was there, I gave a talk about my journey from traditional quilter to art quilter. I brought LOTS of quilts to show examples of each quilting "stage" I had gone through. I recently received an email from a friend telling me that one of the guild members had made a piece that was inspired by one of the quilts I had shown. I knew I wanted to do a blog post about the quilt as soon as she sent me a picture.

Lately, there has been a big discussion of derivative work, work "inspired by" the work of others, and copying work. I wanted to do a blog post showing you a great example of a piece INSPIRED by but not COPIED from another. This is Kelly Woodworth's piece called "Open wide and say Ahhhh. Okay, I see it. You have a frog in your throat."

Kelly explained to me that she made the quilt for a guild challenge based on a saying and said she almost went with a quilt based on "drinks on the house" until she saw my piece. The size of her quilt was dictated by the rules of the challenge and is 10" X 17". Kelly says, "When I saw Spike's black and white top, I knew it could be my hair or hat. It just talked to me. I took a picture (with permission of course) and then went home to start my challenge. It was the perfect inspiration! I got a blue ribbon with my little quilt and at the end of the show I also won Viewers' Choice! Thanks Beth!!" Well, I have to say I was REALLY thrilled to have been the inspiration for such a wonderful piece.

So that you can see what she saw and used for inspiration, here is a picture of me with "Spike" when I gave my talk to the quilt guild. (The real name of my piece is "Brain Freeze," but I have always referred to her as "Spike.")

(I didn't realize, till I saw this picture, that I wore an outfit that matched "Spike!")

As you can see, Kelly did a great job of using "Spike" as inspiration--not a copy--for her piece. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards Kelly!

If you would like to see other quilts from the Lake County Quilters 2015 show, click here.


desertskyquilts said...

Both quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing what was her inspiration. Good example.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Love the original and the inspired quilt is great too. Beth, yours looks like a zentangle came to life. :)

Robbie said...

When I was doing some teaching, one 'follower' was always upset when students would take pics of my quilts. She said "they are going to copy your work! don't let them take pics". Well, if someone can copy my work, I'm flattered for one! HA...I too hope I was and still are an inspiration to others. I honestly don't think anyone could totally copy someone's work...possible..maybe...but totally I don't think so. So nice you've inspired others!