Saturday, April 18, 2015

I LOVE These Products/Excuses

I have a new product I just love. It is an Ott light that I hadn't seen before. I was attending a retreat where the lighting was terrible. A group of us made a trip into town to the Joanne's store. Ott lights were on sale, so I thought I'd check them out. I found this one and love it so much I promptly bought another one.

This little light is portable, not heavy (but heavy enough to be stable), and VERY flexible. I could bend it to the EXACT position I needed. I used it both for sewing with my Featherweight 221 (which doesn't have a Bendable Bright Light--I reviewed here) and for hand sewing. After I got home from the retreat, I went to my nearest Joanne's store (where they were still on sale) and purchased another. I am using one here at the house and keeping one packed with my retreat supplies. I paid about $25 for each of them--well worth the money.

Another product I like is this machine needle threader that I purchased from a Bernina booth at a quilt show.

View from the top and view from the side.

I paid $5 for it. My eyes are terrible, and I need all the help I can get threading needles of any kind. My Bernina is a 1260 (before attached needle threaders) and my Featherweight 221 (of course) doesn't have a needle threader. My Bernina came with a needle threader like this, but I promptly lost it. I bought two--one for my Bernina and one to use with my Featherweight. It is small, it makes threading a machine needle very easy, and it is inexpensive--win, win, win!

FYI--I have no affiliation and am not being compensated by either of these companies.

I haven't been working on any art projects for a couple of reasons. The best one is that I got to spend some quality time with June Beth and Cade. I traveled to Arkansas and got to spend three days babysitting for June Beth.

June Beth LOVES Mexican food (as you can see in her picture).

And I got to spend an afternoon with Cade. We took him out for a milk shake and spent the rest of the afternoon reading his new "Chapter Book" called "Bad Kitty." He wanted me to see that he could read a "Chapter Book." He was VERY proud (and so was I).
I'll fill you in on the biggest reason for my lack of productivity in my next post.



Lisa Greenbow said...

I love the Ott light too. I have one on my desk where I paint. I haven't tried a portable one. I am sure it is fine. Cute Grands.

Dana Kroeger said...

I really need the needle threader thingie. Glad you let us know what are good products. I cannot believe how much June Beth has changed from how she looked as a newborn with all that dark hair. Cute.

Robbie said...

First, grand babies are ADORABLE!!! I saw that light at JoAnn' you have me intrigued! Will have to check it out when we get back to Michigan....and would you believe I still have my needle threader on my 1090 Bernina! When I take it in for cleaning, the tech always comments that it's still there! HA I love it!

desertskyquilts said...

That really IS inexpensive for the needle threaders. I can thread my Viking with my eyes closed, literally, but some of the others are not so easy. I'll investigate this at my Bernina store here. What enjoyable days you must have had with the children.