Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I feel very fortunate this week; I got to attend another retreat. This is a bit different from my usual "quilt retreats;" though, it is more of an art retreat. This is a retreat with some friends from my LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists) group. This is such a diverse group; each of us really has very unique areas of emphasis. There is some machine sewing that goes on, but there is a wide variety of activities going on--haiku writing, knot tying, beading, hand stitching, computer designing, stenciling, fusing, sketching, piecing, painting, drawing up patterns, etc. I always feel like I learn SO much and get SO much done when I attend this retreat.

Each time we get together, we update each other on the progress of our work. Some people have quite a show and tell of work they have completed since we were last together; others show current work. Some have pieces in progress and would like a critique of their work. I don't photograph these things because many of these artists will be entering shows where the pieces cannot have been shown ANYWHERE before. I certainly don't want to screw up anyone's chances of getting into a show because I inadvertently posted a picture of their work.

When I put up my "show and tell," I finally had a chance to take a picture of my hexie project progress. I have been putting in a lot of work on this project and finally reached a point where the two separate pieces could be joined. (I won't actually be joining them until I am TOTALLY finished with ALL the rows in these sections.) You can see that I have some work yet to do on them.

I happened to take a picture of my work space. You can see what is important to me by taking a look at what is on my table.

You see my hexie project on the chair and the pieces in the green boxes scattered over the table. Of course, I have my iPhone, iPad, keyboard, and books handy. I have a beading project and task lamp at the ready. And who can do without coffee, wine, and Atomic Fireball candy?

Here is a picture of the room we had to work in.

What a nice space it is! The large room is well lit (with extra table lamps if needed). Extension cords, irons and ironing boards, rotary mats and rulers are provided. There are also two large design walls and smaller individual design walls available. Each workspace has a nice large table and a comfy, padded, swivel chair.

What a pleasure it has been to visit with friends and work on what we love. I can't wait till next year.



Lisa Greenbow said...

What fun. It is good that you can connect with these artists and recharge your spirit. That hexie quilt is looking good.

Margaret said...

Your hexie project is beautiful -- love the rich colours. And I agree about the wine, coffee and books chocolate? ;-)

quiltedfabricart said...

Your hexi quilt is wonderfully insane! I wish there was a fiber arts group on this area, getting together is so much fun when you are with others that "get it"

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous week it sounds! I love the progress you've made on the hexagons.

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

You are funny!Ilove the goodies on the table... I am always snacking on some thing or another. Your hexie project is amazing. It'll be a stunner when its done!