Sunday, September 7, 2014

What Great Quilty Gifts and More

...and the birthday celebration continues...

My birthday was August 19th, but the celebration just keeps going. I LOVE IT! I received gifts and cards in the mail before and after my birthday. My husband and I went on a vacation during the week of my birthday. My son and his family had a birthday celebration for me (in Arkansas) last weekend. My daughter brought a cake and gift the weekend after my birthday. Today, in the mail, I received a gift from my niece Wendy. Later this month my husband is taking me to a Kandinsky exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville, TN, as my final birthday gift. (If you know me very well, you know Kandinsky is my favorite artist. My friend Sharon sent me the info about this exhibit. Thanks so much Sharon!) All these people know me pretty darn well.

Wendy combined my love of all things fiber with my love of wine. I can't wait to try these out!

My daughter got this book for me. I absolutely LOVE it--so many things I want to try.

My grandchildren call me "Mimi," and my son and his family did a family project to make me a tie-dyed tote and apron. I LOVE the colors. The apron is SO pretty that I hate to get it dirty in my studio. I'd use it when I cook, but that doesn't happen very often any more. :)

My friend, Robin, got me a book from my "Wish List" and lots of other great gifts. (I only took pics of those that were handy.)

My sister and son got me things for my "girly" side--flowers and perfume.

Aren't flowers wonderful. I LOVE these bouquets that have lots of color and all kinds of different flowers.

I LOVE this perfume and have wanted it since trying it for the first time on a trip to Boston a couple of years ago.

How wonderful it is to be so blessed!



Lisa at Greenbow said...

I believe that as we grow older we deserve to stretch out our birthday. After all we have many more years of life to celebrate. :)

Dana Kroeger said...

Wow! This has been one happy birthday celebration! You are an awesome person and it's great when people let you know it.

Laura McGrath said...

Happy belated birthday! The cover of the Jean Draper book is so awesome, it definitely looks like your best present to me. Yummy!