Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Terrific Tutorial Tuesday--A Day Late (EPP Tutorials)

I was surfing late on Tuesday evening and ran across a great series of tutorials on English Paper Piecing. I think it is always good to have some handwork ready for a trip of any kind, and English Paper Piecing is a good way to do this. The third entry in this series even has a pattern for an English Paper Piecing travel kit (and it is way cool). I haven't had a chance to make the travel kit, but I'm planning on making one. I'll blog about it when I do. Head on over to The Zen of Making and check out the hexie tutorials there. Let me know how you like them. Also, it is always nice to leave a comment on blogs you enjoy. Leave a comment on The Zen blog if you like the tutorials you find there. (I know from experience they are a lot of work to write!)

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