Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IQF--Cincinnati, 2013 (The Berne House Quilt)

In a previous post I mentioned my favorite quilt from the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati. There were lots of fiber pieces I loved; here are a few more.

I love quilts that require a closer look. Every time I looked at The Berne House Quilt I saw something different. I don't generally like house or barn quilts, but this one was spectacular (and it was HUGE). The quilt below was made by the members of the Bernese Quilters for an exhibition in Berne, Switzerland. One hundred fifty-six different blocks were made separately and then put together. One member took it upon herself to replicate the famous clock tower, a well known landmark of the city of Berne, which can be seen in the lower middle of the quilt. The quilt was pieced and quilted by machine.

Here are a couple of close up shots. I love the "quirkiness" of these houses.



Karen S said...

Oh this is cool. I love looking at all the buildings -- this seems like good inspiration for one of those quilts that you work on for years and then you put together and say, "wow!"

Unknown said...

It's amazing that so many people could be involved and it still went together! Gorgeous!