Friday, April 19, 2013

Cincinnati Quilt Show--My Favorite

I had the opportunity to go to the International Quilt Festival held April 11-13, 2013, at Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati. I was really impressed with the quality of the quilts at the show this year. 2011 Quilt National quilts, several SAQA exhibits, and various other specialized exhibits were on display. Most of the SAQA exhibits did not allow picture taking, so you will not see pictures of them here.

My favorite quilt at the show was this one called Dreamtime made by Antonia Hering from Hoorn, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

The quilt did win First Place for Innovative Appliqué. It is hand appliquéd, hand embroidered, and hand quilted. Antonia says, "This quilt is based on my love for the country of Australia. It is telling a dreamtime Aboriginal story and the legend of the three sisters in the blue mountains. I was amazed by the colors Australia has."

I have to tell you...this quilt is fabulous. I am a lover of hand work, and this quilt did not disappoint. I know you can't tell from the overall picture, but almost all of the "dots" on this quilt are pieces of fabric that have the raw edges turned under and are hand appliquéd to the quilt. I thought, when I first viewed this quilt, the "dots" were part of fabric used for the background...but NO! To illustrate the sheer magnitude of hand work on this quilt, check out the closeup below.

If you zoom in on this kangaroo, check out the little circles on the top of the back. Six of the little circles on the left are beads along with three little circles on the right. The rest of those TINY circles are pieces of fabric with the edges turned under and have been hand appliquéd to the quilt! There is hand quilting surrounding all the circles along with hand quilting within some of the circles. By the way, the quilting is beautiful. Here are a couple of other closeups of the quilt. Enjoy...

I have a few other pictures from the show that I'll be sharing later. Stay tuned.


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