Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Terrific Tutorial Tuesday!--Binding/Finishing a Quilt

This week I have a list of tutorials for those of you who use a binding (rather than a facing) on your quilts. I even found one tutorial that shows you how to finish a quilt without a binding or a facing. There are lots of binding tutorials out there. These are the ones I want to keep track of; I'll be adding this post to my "Tutorials" page.

Binding by Machine...
Pat Sloan has a good binding tutorial here. Pat's take on machine binding is a bit different than most. She uses a buttonhole stitch to finish the binding. If you do it correctly, it provides a nice finish on the front AND back. On the post, she has pictures and does a good job of describing her technique. She also has a video and a PDF to explain the process.

Rachel, over at "Stitched in Color," has a binding tutorial that features a zig zag stitch. She has really nice pictures and good explanations. She also has some VERY cute pictures of kittens at the end!

Over at "Prudent Baby," there is a tutorial for bringing the backing fabric to the front to use it as a binding. This particular tutorial shows attaching the binding by machine, but it could also be sewn by hand. 

Binding by Hand...
Julie Herman has several tutorials concerning binding on her blog, "Jaybird Quilts." She answers MANY questions about binding including "What is binding?," "Straight of grain or bias cut?," "How to calculate binding," "How to piece straight of grain binding," "How to piece bias cut binding, and "How to piece using straight seams." She has a "Perfect Binding Tutorial" that explains (and includes pictures on) how to add a "normal" binding. She covers two methods of making bias binding here and how to make a scrappy bias binding here. She also shows you how to deal with binding a curved quilt here.

Over at "Quilting in the Rain," Jera has a tutorial explaining her method of binding a quilt. The binding part of her tutorial isn't much different that the others, but she does have a section showing hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt. Scroll on down to Part II to find her three videos on how she does the hand stitching.

Rounded Corner Finish...
At "A Quilt is Nice" blog, Nettie shows how to round the corners of your quilt. Nettie says, "The great thing about rounded corners is you don't have to do mitered corners on your binding." You do, however, have to use bias binding. I really like the look of rounded corners, particularly on a baby quilt. If you'd like to check that out, click here. She shows you how to machine bind a rounded corner quilt here.

Finishing a Quilt Without Binding...
Over at "Red Pepper Quilts," you will find a way to finish a quilt without binding or facing it. Some people call this "birthing a quilt." Check that out here.

Add a Fake Piping or Flange Binding...
This tutorial shows you how to make a "fake" piping binding. It looks intriguing to me and is something I definitely will be trying. Check it out here.

If you are interested in learning how to make binding with a flange, Julie Herman of "Jaybird Quilts" has her own version of a flanged binding here.

I hope you are enjoying my Terrific Tutorial Tuesdays. If you have any tutorials you think are great, please let me know. I'd love to include those in a future post. I'd love to hear from you, please leave comments!

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