Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Terrific Tutorial Tuesday!--Easy Gifts for Kids (Toddlers)

I spoke to some of my friends last night about posting tutorials on gifts that can be made for Christmas. I told them I was going to start posting the tutorials at the end of this month (October). They told me it was already too late to post, because they wouldn't have enough time to get the gifts finished by Christmas. With that thought in mind, I thought I'd better go ahead and post some of those tutorials. They, of course, would be appropriate for birthday or "just because" gifts any time of the year.

These are particular favorites of mine. They are all easy to make, and I think kids will just love them.

Dinosaur Tails
Over at the Running with Scissors blog, Jessica has the CUTEST tutorial for making dinosaur tails. These are toys that kids can strap on. They are easy to make (I helped my sister make two of them for her grandsons.) and the ADORABLE factor can't be measured. They are a big hit with the toddler group. Check it out here. She has other great tutorials you should check out while you are there.
Jessica was nice enough to let me use one of her pictures so you could see just how adorable these tails are. Thanks Jessica!
"Superhero" Capes
I remember when my grandson was little he loved to play Superhero. (He just turned 6.) We pushed the ends of a dishtowel into the neck of his shirt, and he pretended he was Batman. Since that time, I have found that there are several patterns for capes for toddlers. He would have loved one of these (and I would have made one had I discovered them sooner!). These capes are not just for the boys; little girls would love these capes too. Of course, the fabric choice might be different.
  1. At Craft Buds there is a good "Child's Cape Pattern and Tutorial." She even has a PDF file you can print out that contains a pattern.
  2. Here is a cape that is REALLY easy to make. This "Pillowcase Cape Tutorial" is brought to you by Becca Marie Designs and uses a pillowcase to make the body of the cape. You can find it here.
  3. Another easy cape to make is at "Shanon Makes Stuff." She uses a polyester knit so you don't even have to sew around the edges. She says the knit is light, so it flies behind the kids when they run. She even shows you how to make a little mask to match the cape. At the bottom of the post, she shows her little one taking a nap in his superhero outfit--too cute. You can find it here.
  4. Over at "Come On, Ilene," she has a tutorial for a reversible cape. She also shows you how she made logos for her cape out of felt. 
Other Projects
  1. Chalkboard Book--As part of the Guest Blogger Series at whipup.net, guest blogger, Regina Lord, has a tutorial for a chalkboard book that uses a repurposed child's book and chalkboard spray paint. This would be a good way to re-purpose a board book that your toddler has outgrown. Check it out here.
  2. Reversible Apron--This tutorial, from the Moda Bake Shop, uses only three fat quarters and should fit a toddler 4-8 years old. I have a few little girls in mind for these aprons!
  3. Felt Cut-Out Cookies--Now, something to go with the aprons you make...felt cut-out cookies WITH FROSTING! These cookies take a little hand stitching, but they are such a unique gift. Check them out at The Mother Huddle blog. The girls there show you how to make a really nice gift. They have made a custom box to hold the cookies and have added a little rolling pin, spatula, and cookie cutter.
  4. Princess Bags--Over at "A Girl and a Glue Gun," Kimbo shows you how to make the cutest bags for little girls that you've EVER seen. They are REALLY quick and easy to make. You don't even have to get out your sewing machine. Check them out here.
  5. T-shirt Bracelets--Another tutorial from "A Girl and a Glue Gun" shows you how to make a large variety of T-shirt bracelets. These are really cute, and I think girls of all ages would like these.
I hope you find one or more of these items appropriate for the little ones in your life, and I hope the little ones LOVE these gifts.


Wendy said...

My boys love the dinosaur tails!!!!! Thanks for the cute ideas!

gift fabriek said...

Wow !! the little babies are looking so cute with this dinosaur tail and they are having much fun with it.