Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Inspiration from Chihuly--Chandeliers and a "Tree"

These pictures come from a recent exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts called "Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass." Chihuly is famous for his chandeliers. A chandelier is the first of his pieces I ever had the opportunity to see. I fell in love right then and there.

You like?

You know I have been blogging about using some of these Chihuly pictures for inspiration...well, Robbie (from "Robbie's Paw Prints" blog) wrote me to say that her friend (Mary Andrews) made and last year displayed some quilts inspired by Chihuly pieces. Check out the pictures on her blog at The quilts were on display in an exhibit called "Glass & Inspired Fiber" along with some glass work by David Hilty. I really enjoyed seeing Mary's fiber interpretation of Chihuly's work. Thanks Robbie!

Just so you can get an idea how large some of his pieces are...this "tree" was in the restaurant area outside his exhibit. I kept the background people and windows so you could actually see the size of this piece.
It, too, is made totally of glass.

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Robbie said...

These pictures will continue to inspire me and I hope Mary's work will inspire you as well!! Mary is a fantastic artist and my mentor and a best friend!