Saturday, January 15, 2011

Discharge with Bleach--New Projects

I decided to do a bit more discharge shibori before I put all my supplies away. First, is my favorite piece. I loosely rolled my black fabric onto a piece of nylon string (on the diagonal). Then I scrunched it up as tight as I could and tied the string together to keep its shape. (I ended up having to do this twice; the first time, only half of the fabric had discharged.) I think it looks like some kind of animal skin.
This piece was wrapped around a pole on the diagonal and then nylon string was wrapped around the fabric on the pole.
This is what the pieces looked like before bleach discharging. I do know that this fabric is 100% cotton by Blank Textiles.
This fabric content is unknown. I bought it at a yard sale. I think this piece looks sort of like bones or connective tissue of some kind. I loosely twisted this fabric and secured it with a rubber band. This piece is about 18" X 18".
This piece is larger--approximately 18" X 36". I folded it in half, wrapped it on a pole, and secured it with a jute string. The right half was the inside half. This picture doesn't show the subtle markings on the right side very well. You might be able to see them better if you click on this picture, then click on the picture again. 
Now, I just have to decide how to use them.

I also discharged a piece I had dyed earlier. I really don't like either piece. I'll just have to find some other technique to use on these fabrics to be able to use them. The fabric on the right is what I started with. The fabric on the left is what it looked like after discharging it. (I'm not a big pink/rose/light red fan.)


Ann Marie said...

As someone once said if you have ugly fabric you cut it up, if it is still ugly you didn't cut it small enough! So find a quilt with lots of little pieces and start cutting. I think both pieces are great.

Eli said...

Oh, so good idea for my monochromatic fabric! May I use this idea please?

Laura said...

Your discharged pieces are great! I know what you mean about using up all the fabric you're creating, I'm accumulating piles of it. If you don't like the pink pieces, why not wrap them around a pole, then dye them in black? That might give it a really great look.

Quilter Beth said...

Oooooo Laura, what a good idea! I may give that a shot. Thanks.

Beth from Maine said...

I love your discharged pieces and your ideas about usage.