Monday, December 7, 2009

Back Home Indiana, Free Mystery Round Robin

I've been gone for the last week or so and haven't had a chance to write. I've been in Pompano Beach, FL, for a family vacation. I must say...the weather is much nicer there. We had a little snow this morning; when we left there, it was in the low 80s. We had a wonderful time sightseeing and visiting friends. I didn't have the opportunity to do anything quilt related, but I took some nice pictures for inspiration. I'll post some as soon as I get them downloaded.

Today, I'm catching up on all I didn't do while I was gone...laundry, mail, bills, decorating for the holidays, etc. It is amazing how much time that can take up.

My son-in-law worked on the quilting studio while I was gone. All of the trim is in, the toilet is hooked up, the dehumidifier is hooked up to the sump pump, and there really is very little else to be done. The cabinets haven't come in yet, so they will have to be put in when they get here. The bathroom sink and faucet have to be put in. The laminate tops (for the bathroom and the cabinets in the quilting room) have to be put on, and some of the drop ceiling in the bathroom has to be replaced. Once these things are done, all I have to do is move all my stuff in and start sewing! Hmmmm, I'm thinking that could be awhile!

Also, right now there isn't enough interest in a (free) "mystery" round robin to make it worth my while to post it. If any of you are interested in doing this, please email me and let me know ( I'm going to keep asking until the end of December; I'd like to start it in January. If you would like to know more about it, take a look at this post

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