Tuesday, October 6, 2020

An Exhibit by the Art Cloth Network--The Space Between

On Monday, I went to Krempp Gallery in Jasper, IN, to pick up a piece for a friend of mine from an exhibit that had just closed. While I was there, I got to see the new exhibit of pieces from the Art Cloth Network. The Art Cloth Network is "a diverse group of professional artists from the US and Canada who have come together with a common goal--to promote the medium of cloth as an art form and share it with others. Each of our members brings a personal vision and sensibility to his or her cloth. The group was formed to provide a support forum as well as exhibition opportunities for its members and to promote an appreciation of art cloth in the broader community." The exhibit is called "The Space Between" and will be on display through October 30, 2020.

I took pictures of my favorites and those that I found interesting. There seemed to be a lot of pieces with transparent layers.

This piece reminded me of walking through a stand of birch trees. It was a layered piece--very light and airy. I've included a closeup of the piece along with a full pic.
This was also a layered piece. It was one of the few "political" pieces in the exhibit.
This is the last layered piece I'll show you. The small picture on the right shows how the piece was hung to emphasize the distinct layers of the piece.
I love this piece. I like the sky and the lights in the buildings. It gives me a calming feeling. (I can REALLY use that these days.) It reminds me of the method Kathy Loomis uses to make her "postage stamp" quilts. It is made up of very small squares of fabric sewn in vertical and horizontal rows. If you look at the closeup, you can see how it is sewn together.
There is a lot I like about this piece too. I am really drawn to the colors, and I love a good 3-D piece. The artist has stacked different shapes and put them together into rows. Nice.
I was touched by this piece--probably because it is about dementia. Having lost two special people to Alzheimers, I found the piece quite interesting. 

The exhibit will be up during the month of October. There are lots of nice pieces I haven't shown you, so there is still plenty to see. If you get a chance to attend the show in person, do it. COVID safety protocols are in place. Check out days and times and more about the exhibit here.


Beth said...

Thanks for the tour! I especially like the 3D piece. BTW, do you hear from Judith?

Robbie said...

I really like that first piece "Reading Between the Lines"...very cool!!!!

Beth@IHaveANotion.com said...

All of them are cool and the whole show must be an eye-catcher and inspiring!!! I may have to try and make a road trip! No promises though... I am really enjoying the stay at home stuff!!!

Robin said...

Beth, thanks so much for sharing. They are all beautiful!! I don't know if we ever that exhibits like this around here. I am going to have to investigate!!