Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Retreat--Nashville, IN (1)

I am blessed to have the chance to attend several retreats during the year. Right now, I'm in Nashville, Indiana, for a retreat. These ladies meet at the Cornerstone Inn twice a year. Nashville is such a pretty little town with lots of shops and restaurants. I enjoy the retreat, I enjoy visiting with friends, and I enjoy shopping and eating here in Nashville.

This retreat is a good mix of people from Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and (I'm sure) other states. Everyone works on their own projects. Several of the ladies work on charity quilts and Quilts of Valor. There is usually one or more product/technique demonstrations going on in the room at any given time. There are many stories told and lots of laughter coming from our room during our time there.

Let me share a few pictures with you from the last couple of days.

We started out with spool cookies complete with needle and thread.
So far, I have finished six of my 365 Project blocks I brought with me. I have another project going, but it is a secret--shhhhhh...
Robin finished a wedding quilt and a baby quilt (for different people).
Jan finished a charity top.
Bernice finished a quilt she said she has been working on "for awhile."
Sissy brought back a project she had worked on at the retreat last January.

We always enjoy going out to eat and doing a "little" shopping in Nashville.
There are lots of other things being completed; it is hard to get pictures of them all. I'm hoping to get some pictures during Show & Tell (if we have one), so I can share some more with you in the next few days.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Those cookies are a work of art. I bet you couldn't hardly stand to eat it. ;)
It appears that you ladies had a good time and got some things accomplished. Love seeing the quilts and pieces you did. You are lucky to have these retreats. I always enjoy seeing the participants and their projects.

Robbie said...

Always enjoying seeing and reading about your 'retreat' days!!!

Dana Kroeger said...

Those cookies were a real welcome treat! Mine wouldn't have lasted the first day! Heck, probably the first hour! It's always so much fun to look at all the projects that are worked on at your retreats. Can't wait to find out what your new project is. Hope we find out soon. Hope the rest of this retreat is as much fun as it looks like so far.

Anonymous said...

What a nice group it seems to be. You are so fortunate to have so many quilting friends and go to so many retreats!