Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sacred Threads Trip

My husband and I wanted to see the Sacred Threads Exhibit in Herndon, VA, so we planned a vacation around the "Artists Weekend" dates. We had gone to the exhibit two years ago (when I had two pieces in the exhibit) and had REALLY enjoyed it, so we had planned the vacation for this next show regardless of whether I had a piece in the exhibit or not. Luckily, I DID have a piece chosen to be in this exhibit and to travel for the next two years with the Sacred Threads traveling exhibit. We used some time-share points to spend a week at National Harbour, Maryland; and from there, we drove over to Sacred Threads. 

The Sacred Threads Artists Weekend started off with a talk from Vikki Pignatelli, the founder of Sacred Threads and a welcome from Lisa Ellis (the person currently "in charge" of the exhibit).
(Lisa is on the left and Vikki on the right.) Vikki's quilt that "started" it all is shown on the right. After she read the responses about this quilt from the judges at the Houston Quilt Show, she started thinking about an exhibit where the stories behind the quilts could be shared. At the Sacred Threads exhibit, the story of each quilt is printed and posted beside the quilts. Many of the artists did an audio recording of the quilt story.  If you'd like to hear the story behind the quilt, use your phone to dial 1-703-520-6404; enter the audio number I have listed with each quilt (if there is one) followed by the # key. You will hear the story of the quilt in the artist's own voice. 

Sacred Threads is divided into sections--Joy, Inspiration, Spirituality, Healing, Grief, Peace/Brotherhood. At the exhibit, each of these sections is separate from the others. Here are a few pictures from the show. I'd like to share at least one quilt from each category. (The first pictures show quilts that are made by people I know. Mary, Barb, and I all belong to Studio Art Quilts Associates of IN. Valerie and Joni are friends of mine.) 

My piece, Black Beauties (20" X 33.5), was entered in the Peace & Brotherhood section.
If you'd like to hear the story of my quilt, dial the number above 1-703-520-6404 then enter 621#. You will hear what I have to say about the quilt. 

Mary Bunte also had a quilt in the Peace & Brotherhood section--Promise of Peace (46" X 59").
In the Spirituality section, I'm sharing Barb Triscari's quilt La Chiesa di Bolzano Vicentino (27.5" X 24.5"). 
To hear her story, dial the phone number above and enter 350#. 

In the Inspiration section, I have two quilts to share. There is Always Hope (31" X 40") is made by Valerie White. Valerie and I first became friends when we took an advanced independent workshop with Jane Dunnewold.
Dial the phone number above and enter 252# to hear Valerie tell her story. 

The next quilt, Warping the Fabric of Space and Time (17" X 18"), is made by Joni Seidenstein. I met Joni at the Sacred Threads exhibit in 2015. We spent a lot of time discussing the quilts. She told me she would like to have a quilt in the next exhibit, and she did it! It was fun to see her again this year. 
If you'd like to hear Joni speak about her quilt, dial the phone number above and enter 244#. 

In the Joy section, I'm sharing a quilt by Jane L. King called Boundless Joy, The Red Balloon (31" X 49").
Listen to her story by dialing the number above and entering 117#. 

My choice in the Healing section is a quilt by Wen Redmond called Rocks are Smiling (48" X 32").
Listen to her story by dialing the phone number above and entering 435#. 

I'd like to share Jackie Manley's quilt, Obituary (54" X 82"), in the Grief section. Listen to Jackie's story by dialing the phone number above and entering 521#.
I was really touched by this quilt. She printed words and phrases from the obituary of her husband onto a layer of tulle and attached this over his image. The story and the quilt are powerful testiments to love and loss. 

What a show! I have LOTS more pictures of quilts I loved--WAY too many to share. If you EVER get the chance to go to this exhibit, DO IT!!! If you'd like more information about the show and the traveling exhibit, check it out at Sacred Threads.


Linda Witte Henke said...

Thanks for sharing this, Beth! Did you by any chance shoot an images of my pieces?

Lisa Greenbow said...

An interactive blog post. Oh my these quilts are amazing. Hearing the stories make them really come alive. Wonderful post.

Robbie said...

I'll have to go back an listen when I get a chance...these pieces you showed are WONDERFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. It gives me a much better understanding of the show. I would like to go and dial up all these stories. Thank you for giving the numbers. I'm glad you had a great week away. Sounds like a wonderful spot.

BJ said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am going to the show tomorrow and will look for your quilt. Cheers. Betty Jo Tatum

Wen Redmond said...

What a great post! Thanks for the shout out. Wish I could see it.

Wen Redmond said...

Nice post! Thanks for the shout out. Wish I could see th exhibit!

Quilter Beth said...

Enjoy the show!

Quilter Beth said...

Thank you and you're welcome! I loved the show. Your piece looked really good where it was hanging. I'm glad I got to see it.