Thursday, May 4, 2017

Paducah 2017--NOT Losers

Paducah is one of those quilt shows where you are a winner just by being juried into the show. I tend to take pictures of quilts that didn't win awards at the show. I figure everyone will see all the winners numerous times in magazines and at other shows. There were LOTS of quilts that did not win awards that I thought were fabulous. If you have been to the show at Paducah, you will know that getting good pictures is VERY difficult because of the angle at which some of the quilts are hung. I apologize up for that up front. Also, if the tag is visible in the picture it includes the name of the quilt, the maker, and the city and state in which the maker lives. You can enlarge the pics to see any of those more closely. Generally, the full quilt is pictured on the left; the detail picture is on the right.
The machine quilting on this quilt is fabulous (as you can see). It makes this relatively simple quilt spectacular. The same is true of the next couple of quilts.
In this last picture, all the circles and flowers you see are quilted--the colored quilting makes the design in the background.
The circular quilting designs in this quilt definitely enhance the piecing.
The top left picture is of the full quilt. The other two sections are detail shots of the quilting. Although the quilting is spectacular, it really doesn't change the look of the quilt itself.
I really liked this quilt. I think the orange dots drew me in. (Orange is my favorite color you know.)
I'm a cat lover, so this quilt was definitely one of my favorites. The thread work on the cat made it look like you could pet it. The fur looked SO real; I could almost hear him/her purr.
I liked the unusual colors and geometric nature of this quilt.
I really liked the vibrant colors of this quilt.
I LOVE this saying, "Art does not have to match your sofa!" Many traditional quilters (and others) don't understand the concept that art doesn't HAVE to match ANYTHING. I have actually had more than one person say (about a piece of art I had made), "That doesn't go with the colors in your house. What are you going to do with it?" I think I replied with something like, "Well, I doubt if Picasso worried about whether his art matched his sofa!" (Insert smiley face here.)


Lisa Greenbow said...

These pictures illustrate why I could never be a judge in any art show. They are all great quilts and I could never make up my mind as to which were the best.
In those first two quilts would that quilting be referred to as mattelasse?
The cat looks real.The geometric mountain scene is outstanding. I love the colors.
I have never heard the remark about it not matching your sofa. ha... what a thought. Who thinks of their sofa when creating art?? Obviously a lot of quilters do so.

Robbie said...

These are amazing quilts for sure. I love looking at the detail and so glad you include that with each picture. Fantastic! Orange your favorite! Don't think I knew that!! HA

Dana Kroeger said...

Thank you! Those were beautiful and the machine quilting is simply fabulous! I wish I could do even half the well!

Mary said...

thanks for the pix! One thing I hate about Paducah is the inability to get square on to a quilt for pictures, but you did a good job anyway. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts! I liked so many of them! Was the show dominated by modern quilting, or you found those more interesting?