Thursday, March 20, 2014

Extreme Embroidery (Tail Detail)

Yesterday I mentioned that I'm working on some "extreme embroidery." Well, I worked on it again last night. Here is my update. This is a detail picture of the "tail" of the project. I finished the green French knots last night. (Be sure to click in the picture to get a close look at the work.)
This is a really good project for me. I'm out of the house/studio a lot, and this is a great take-along project.

It was SO nice here today. Our temperature flirted with 60 degrees! Now that is a nice change from the nasty winter we have had. Look what I found in my landscaping.

It was SO nice outside that I took a walk this evening with my husband (not something I do often--don't tell my doctor). I took pictures of some of the repairs that have been made on the streets near my house. I'm really liking the lines. Maybe they will be inspiration for a future piece. Hmmmm.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The middle picture of the lines looks like a dancer. We also have crocus blooming. It is great to be able to get outside and stretch without being bundled up. Love the way your embroidery project is coming.

Quilter Beth said...

I think so too, Lisa. Thanks for the comment.

Robbie said...

Holy crap! That is a lot of French knots! Nice piece!