Friday, January 10, 2014

Really Nice Show

My husband and I had a chance to go to the 43rd Annual Mid-States Crafts Exhibition at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science. I think it is good for him to see my work hanging in a show. I'm always hoping he will better understand what I'm doing down in my studio all the time. I also think it gives him a better appreciation for my work when he sees that someone else values it enough to put it in a show. He was duly impressed with this exhibit.

Looking to the left, this is what we saw when we first walked into the show.

I was really pleased with the location of my work. (My piece, Zen, is the one in the middle.)

This show has a wide variety of work. I tried to take pictures so you could get a feel for the range of work on display. This first picture is a textile piece made by my friend, Pat DaRif, from Louisville, Kentucky. The title of it is Other. I love what she is doing with photographs she takes.

I LOVE jewelry, and this piece did not disappoint. Slipped Disk with Mums is made of copper, enamel, silver and glass beads. It was made by Patricia Nelson of Muncie, Indiana.

There was a beautiful table made of forged iron. The Vine Table was made by Craig Kaviar from Louisville, Kentucky. ($250 Martha Ryan Merit Award presented in memory of Sam Ryan and $300 Thelma Karges Merit Award)

Glass work was on display too. I really liked these two pieces. This first piece reminds me of a glass piece I saw in a gallery when we were in Hawaii. The title of the piece is Layered Blue Waves and was made by Michelle Hamilton of St. Louis, Missouri.

The second glass piece is made of blown glass and is diamond engraved and acid etched. Moon Field was made by Benjamin Johnson from Cicero, Indiana. ($500 Dorothea Schlechte Memorial Purchase Award and $285 Museum Members' Merit Award)

There were two pieces by Sandra Jane Heard of Perrysburg, Ohio, chosen to be in the exhibit. This was my pick of the two. Dissolution of Brotherhood is made of silk, yarn, reeds, paper, and found objects.

There is much more to see, and you still have time (but just barely). The exhibit is available till January 12, 2014. If you are in Evansville, Indiana, for any reason, check out this exhibit (or go down just to see the exhibit). For more information on the show, check out this link--Mid-States Crafts Exhibition.


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Unknown said...

Beautiful pieces! I'm glad I have seen yours up close. This pic doesn't do it justice.