Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ice Dyeing

Over on the Fire blog ( we are concentrating on scrunch dyeing fabrics. Several of the resident artists are scrunching the fabric and snow dyeing it. I really like the unpredictable results I get when snow dyeing, so I decided to do some too.

Unlike my friends out East, I didn't have enough snow for snow dyeing. My friend Irene sent me this picture. She had about 30 inches of snow.
I had to use a big bag of ice I purchased this afternoon. I put some of my soda-soaked fabrics on a grid, covered them with ice, and sprinkled on some dye powder. I put other pieces in the bottom of a bowl, covered them with ice, and sprinkled different dye powder on them. Now I wait. I'll be rinsing them and revealing the "new" fabrics tomorrow afternoon.

Check out the scrunched and snow dyed fabrics of the resident artists on the Fire blog. They have even shown some examples of how to use the fabrics. (I have trouble cutting into mine!)

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