Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Bit of Dyeing with Sugar Syrup Resist--Fabric & Thread

This month's technique over at And Then We Set It On Fire is using sugar syrup resist, so I have been doing some dyeing using that technique. Here are my finished four pieces of fabric. I love the interesting swirls and blotches on the fabric, but I'm not so crazy about my colors. Obviously, I'm new to and learn. I did overdye two of these fabrics. Take a look. If you'd like to know how to dye using a sugar syrup resist, head on over to And Then We Set It On Fire blog. I have a link to the tutorial at the bottom of this blog entry.

This is the original (below). The overdye is underneath it.
The piece below actually turned out paler than it looks in this picture. The overdyed piece is below it.
The lighting in my studio isn't great. The fabrics are fairly uniform in color. They are not lighter at the top and darker at the bottom. That's caused by my lighting (or lack thereof). I am going to be working on a better lighting setup. Hopefully, that will help.

If you'd like to find out about my process and see the work in stages, check out this blog post from the And Then We Set It On Fire blog. You can also see what some of the other resident artists have been doing. If you'd like to try some yourself, Lisa Kerpoe has a great tutorial on the Fire blog here.

While I had my dyes out, I decided to dye some thread. I soda ash soaked some cotton crochet thread and wrapped it around some rolled up plastic mesh. Then I used an eye dropper to drop Pumpkin Spice, Golden Yellow, and Mixing Red dyes onto the thread. I haven't rinsed it yet, but I'm sure liking how it looks right now!

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Deb Erwin said...

Looks good! I like them! The thread is looking great, too!