Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antioch Mosaics at the Baltimore Museum of Art

While I was at the Baltimore Museum of Art with some friends, we discovered the Antioch Mosaics in the atrium court. All I can say is, "WOW, these mosaics are fabulous!" TINY pieces of stone are arranged into magnificent works of art. These works were made in Turkey from the 2nd to the 6th century. Being a Leo, I was immediately drawn to this particular piece called The Striding Lion.

Below is a close up of a couple of sections. Here, you can see the tiny pieces used to create this piece.

Close up of the background and lion's head.

Close up of the peacock in the corner of The Striding Lion mosaic.

I have visions of new quilts using tiny pieces of fabric. Surprisingly, I really like the muted palette of colors in the mosaics. I say "surprisingly" because I generally use a much more bold color scheme.

Some of the mosaics reminded me of traditional quilt patterns.

Many traditional quilt borders are very similar to the borders used in these mosaics.

If you would like to read more about the exhibit at the museum, check out this link--Baltimore Museum of Art. If you like to know more about the Antioch Mosaics in general click this link--Antioch Mosaics.



Deb Erwin said...

Awesome! Can't even imagine doing something like this.

Teresa said...

I am taking an Art Class in college and I had to visit a museum to find works of art for my paper. I am also a quilter and I came across these mosaics in the Baltimore Museum. I chose this subject for my paper. I am intrigued by how much these remind me of quilts. I enjoyed your blog on them.

Patricia said...

I live near Baltimore and have always enjoyed seeing the Antioch Mosaics on my visits. I have posted a few images on my blog today, but I've also included a link to your post because the photos are so good and the fact that you are a quilter will interest two of my friends who are also quilters/artists. Your work is beautiful and imaginative.
Pat (patriciateller.blogspot)