Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Post on And Then We Set It On Fire

As you know, I'm a resident artist on the And Then We Set It On Fire Blog. I just put up a new post this evening using a technique presented to us by Kathy Loomis.
 This is the largest of the two pieces (24" X 39"). If you'd like to see process pictures, close ups, and more...head on over to the post here--My Turn at Skinny Lines.
This piece measures approximately 16" X 18". I thought it was surprising that it turned out to be so uniform considering I didn't use a ruler at any time and didn't consciously cut the blue strips the same width.

Awhile back I did a drawing, Inspire Pro (an app I purchased for my iPad) for my Advanced Independent Study workshop with Jane Dunnewold. This is the drawing.
Do the components look familiar? I want to make a wall hanging that "joins" the two pieces I made. I'm not sure it will look like this, but...

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