Monday, February 20, 2012

New Work

I haven't updated lately, but I have been working on several things...a SAQA auction item, another piece in my series for my Jane Dunnewold workshop, and an entry for SAQA's I'm Not Crazy exhibit. I can show you bits and pieces of a couple of these.

The SAQA auction pieces are to measure 12" X 12", so this is a small piece. Here is a peek. (If you want a closer look, click the picture.)
It is hand quilted and uses pieced-sari-silk strips inside bias strips.

This next picture is of an insert for the newest piece in my current series. The project has a red background with large black bias strips enclosing Zentangle-like inserts (appliqued, embroidered, and pieced) in black and white. Lime green dots will be positioned on some of the black bias strips and will be made from tiny yoyos. This is the first insert. I'll have to see if I need to add any embroidery to this once it is actually added into the piece. (I put it on this yellow-orange piece so it would show up. My design wall is white.)
This insert is pieced using a method I learned from Kathy Loomis.

I can't really show you the I'm Not Crazy piece, because it is still in the planning stages. I made a drawing in my Inspire Pro application. I saved it as a photo and downloaded it into my EQ7. I then sized it and printed it on several pieces of paper (with on-the-phone help from Penny at Electric Quilt). Now I'll need to transfer the image (by hand) onto my fabric. I'll keep you updated. I'm excited by all this new work. Now, if I just had more time...maybe doing faster handwork would help.

Soon, I'll be attending the second session of Jane Dunnewold's Advanced Independent Study workshop. I'm anxious to see what everyone has done and share the progress of my work. Oh, did I mention that two of my pieces have been accepted into LAFTA's (Louisville Fiber and Textile Artists) show at the Water Tower in Louisville? Well...I am excited about that--my first pieces to be in a juried show. Over twenty fiber artists will have work in this exhibit from March 1, 2012, through April 6, 2012. The opening reception and Juror Walk and Talk with Jennifer Reis is from 2-4 pm on Sunday, March 4. Come on over if you can.

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Laura said...

Congratulations on the juried show! And not one but TWO pieces. Be sure to post pictures of the show.