Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've Got a New Toy

I must admit, I'm such a tech junkie. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iPad; I'm lusting after the newest smart phones; and I really like that sometimes I can even find an application that I can use for my art. Last week I purchased Inspire Pro ($7.99) for my iPad. Inspire Pro is a paint/draw/sketch application. It can simulate wet oil paint on canvas which allows blending effects with five real kinds of brushes, and there is a non-realistic paint mode which allows drawing and sketching as well as painting. It is VERY cool. I also purchased a Rocketfish--Advanced Series stylus from Best Buy Mobile ($17.99).

I imported a photo of my quilt top into the program and drew different quilting designs onto the photo using the stylus. "Prayer at Sunset" is one quilt in a series I'm working on for my Advanced Independent Study sessions with Jane Dunnewold. I just can't decide what quilting I want to do on this piece, but using this software to audition the quilting before I actually do it should make it easier for me. Here are two examples. (Do you like either of them? One more than the other?)

Of course, the quilting won't show up as much as it does on these pictures; the thread color will match the background. I don't know about you, but I really find this much easier than the method I used to use...drawing a design with markers on a piece of plastic placed over the quilt top.

There are SO many other ways to use this software. I can't wait to experiment with it some more.


Deb Erwin said...

Sounds like this software is right up your alley. You'll have loads of fun with it! I like the 2nd version better.

Laura said...

I love the "quilting" on the first picture best, hope you choose to do that one. Your quilt looks fantastic, by the way! How do you even hear about apps like that for drawing/quilting/painting?

Paula said...

I like the second one better. I am glad that a new toy makes your hobby so much more fun and easier.

Robbie said...

How clever! I just might have to give myself a Christmas gift!!! Maybe after Christmas! I like the 1st pic quilting and why couldn't you use black/dk blue thread if/when you quilt it!