Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Time--No Post!

I have to apologize for not posting consistently. I have been very busy (as I'm sure you are). I will try to do better. I HAVE been working--I've worked on Christmas gifts (I couldn't post about), I've worked on my pieces for my Advanced Independent Study Class with Jane Dunnewold (nothing I could post there either), I've worked on hand stitching a Crab Apple Hill Halloween piece (not finished...nothing to post), and I've worked on the December technique for the technique blog I belong to (And Then We Set It On Fire). I really can't post pictures of that here, but do check it out here--And Then We Set It On Fire. I will be posting it on December 1, 2011. Please check it out and try the technique with us.

I have also updated "Upcoming Quilting/Fiber Arts Events." There is a really nice new exhibit in Indy. Check it out if you get a chance. I recently joined Studio Art Quilt Association, and the exhibit has pieces from SAQA members along with members of the Surface Design Association. I don't have anything in this exhibit, but I may get brave enough to actually show something one of these days.

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