Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Have Been "Working"--Check Out This Video Series

I have been working on several projects--monoprinting for the "And Then We Set It On Fire Blog" (check that out here--, making pieces for my black and white quilt, and embroidering on "Come Dance with Me" pieces.

These next two pieces are part of a black and white quilt I'm planning. I LOVE the spikes!

I have really been enjoying making these tiny yoyos. I'm using the Clover YoYo Maker (shown on the left), which makes them very easy to make. I cut my fabric the size of the "Perfect Circle" shown on the right. The yoyos finish about the size of a dime. The white ones will be used on my black and white quilt. (I may use a couple of the red ones too.) 
Yoyos are a great take-along project and are really easy to make. I'm exploring the incorporation of yoyos into contemporary quilts.

Bird update--I have yet another nest of eggs outside my guest bedroom window from my mourning doves. This will be the third use of this nest this season. The doves have gotten used to me; they don't even fly away when I come into the room. They make me smile!

Lastly, a friend of mine turned me on to Margaret Fabrizio's videos on YouTube. They are quite a hoot. At the current time, she is working on designing a quilt called "Ryoanji." If you'd like to check it out, click on this link-- She has eight videos (to date) following the designing of this quilt. If you are as intrigued as I am by Margaret, check out her website here-- She is quite a fascinating person.

Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment.


Laura said...

I just checked out those videos you linked to--she is quite a character, isn't she? I love how she sews so fast, pulling out the pins as she goes, and just leaves them on the bed of the machine. I would freak out if I did that...

Your spiked border is looking great!

Karoda said...

I'm watching Margaret's videos very cool! I love the idea of a video diary of a particular quilt! Thanks for turning me on to it! Now stop reading and get back to work! :)