Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working on Machine Applique/A Bit of Bird News

This is my progress so far. I  have all the pieces for the "skirt" finished. (Well, I think I'll be adding some beads and hand stitching yet.) I'm getting ready to machine applique them to a piece of tear away stabilizer.

Those of you who are following the "And Then We Set It On Fire" blog might recognize the fabric for the "lips" (bottom, middle in the picture). It was made during my soy wax resist experiments. You can see that fabric here--
This is the "skirt" part for the figure. The outline drawing below gives you an idea where this piece will go. (I had the orange section of the "skirt" pinned in place on the drawing in the picture.)
I am asking for help--I need a name for this figure/character/quilt. I am terrible with names. Please, please, help me with this (leave your suggestions in the comment section).

Oh, and I have bird news. I saw a new mourning dove sitting on the nest on my window sill today. I will be checking (if she ever leaves the nest) to see if I have a new set of eggs. I so enjoy watching the mother and father birds taking care of the eggs and hatchlings. I feel blessed to have such a great view of this special event.

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