Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bird Update

The mourning dove finally moved off the nest so I could get a picture of the eggs!
We'll be expecting two babies before too long. I'll keep you updated.

...and before I could get this posted, the two babies grew up and flew away (and I accidentally deleted pictures of them :-( while I was on vacation)!

On a sad four robin's eggs never hatched. The mother robin left and never returned. I fear she met her end at the hands of a chicken hawk we have in our big pine trees. Why oh why did he have to get her? It made me very sad, but I have hope I'll have another robin build a nest on my window ledge sometime soon.

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Laura said...

This evening, while walking my dog, I saw a hawk fly over with something in it's claws and it was being followed and attacked by several robins that were all shrieking at it. It probably had a baby robin--makes me sad when things like that happen, too.