Friday, April 22, 2011

New Bird Pics--(Surprise!)/Zentagles/A Book

After my last robin update, there was one egg in the nest. I checked later and this is what I found.
FOUR eggs! I am really looking forward to watching these hatch.

I found this in my other bedroom window. I've never been able to take a picture of the eggs, because I have never been in the bedroom when she hasn't been on the nest. My husband says this is a dove of some sort. 
I feel very blessed to be able to share in these small miracles. Isn't life grand?

I haven't gotten much sewing done; I have had SO much company lately. I have certainly enjoyed the visits, but I have gotten behind in my studio work. While my company was here, though, I did get to do a bit of "Zentangling." Wow, that is something that really calms me down--very meditative and "Zen-like." These are some in-progress pieces.
If you would like to find out about Zentangles, there are lots of videos on YouTube and information at

I'm also reading a book I'm really enjoying--"The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. Check out my new bookmark.


Laura said...

Wow, your zentangles are just amazing!

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

I just can't over those birds nests. The color of those eggs is perfect. You have the magic vibe Beth.

Laura said...

If you were to make zentangle fabric, would you copy your zentangle designs onto fabric using a copy machine, or try to draw them directly onto the fabric?