Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why I'm Not Getting Anything Done...and Some Miscellaneous Things

Okay, okay, I haven't gotten much done for a while now. It has been hard to get back into "creating" since my Grandma and Mom passed (11 months apart). I'm having a bit of trouble working through the grief. (I guess I just think it is taking me too long to feel better.) It IS getting better, though, as time goes on.

I would like to repost a picture of my Mom and the quilt I made her when she had to go into the nursing home. It is her birthday today (November 18). Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you.
This is the current reason I'm not getting anything done. I'm babysitting for my grandson, Cade. I had him all day today, and I will have him all day tomorrow. We always have such a good time. He sure wasn't ready for his mom to take him home when she came to pick him up tonight. That always makes "Mimi" feel good--Mommy...not so much! 
In addition, I didn't get much done last week while my husband and I were in Miami. (I did work a little bit on the beading for a piece I'm doing.) This picture is a view from our balcony. It wasn't raining, the weather was nice, and no rain was expected that day...yet, here was a beautiful rainbow. It had been even more vibrant, but it had faded a bit by the time I got my camera and got the picture taken. I'm thinking this rainbow means brighter days ahead. That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it!


Laura said...

I'm sure you are really feeling it even more going into the holiday season. Nothing is worse than the first one without your mother, it will get easier with time.

Your grandson is such a cutie, can't wait til I have some of those!

Quilter Beth said...

You know, I hadn't thought about the holidays having something to do with it; but I think that might be the case. ...onward and upward...

Having my grandson in my life is the greatest joy.

Lis said...

I believe a rainbow is always an omen of good to come, I love to see them.

Quilt or Dye said...

I haven't lost my mother yet but I have lost 2 sons. It takes a while to be able to take that in stride. I found that I spent the first year just trying to get through. The second year I started being able to figure out how to cope with the loss. By the third year I could start practicing the strategies. Give yourself time.